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Shaiya World is ONLINE!
18 Oct 2018
Greatings, We are grad to inform you Shaiya World is ready to Play! Have fun everyone in-game!  Possible ...
Shaiya World - Coming Soon!
17 Oct 2018
  Shaiya World is a based PvP server... more info's about server find <here> Game is Ready for ...

Patch Notes


18 Oct 2018
Greatings Shaiyans, Shaiya World decided to reward 5 players with Free Shaiya Points! All you must do is to Like ...
Gold Pigs invasion [Arena]
19 October 2018
                    Gold Pigs ...

Server Information


   Episode: 5
   Instant Level
   FREE PvP Gears: 15, 30, 70.
   FREE Rewards services: Vote, PvP, GRB
   FREE 30 Day's Consumables: CRR, PID, EE
   No Debuff Lapis, No Knockout nostrum
   Exclusive PvP Rewards Items
   Weekly GRB Rewards
   Custom Quests with awesome Rewards
   Dedicated staff team
   Start your adventure today! more info...

Boss Timer

Boss Name Killed by Next Respawn in
Ice Dragon RussianBear 00 h 47 m 19 s
Kimuraku Vegas In Spawn Time
Seraphim Vegas 00 h 24 m 01 s
Dios Exiel Vegas 05 h 19 m 26 s
Ales Vegas 03 h 25 m 59 s
Secreta Frozy 02 h 48 m 59 s
Dentatus Vegas 03 h 13 m 41 s
Lumen Vegas 03 h 03 m 48 s